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A Home is where our heart is bounded. It is such a happiness for us to have a just fine home. For some people out there maybe they don’t know where they are from, or maybe they know it, but they can’t come back because of any circumstance.  So, let us be grateful by telling how our hometown or our village looks like.

I was born in a village so called as “Ngentak” the name sounds pretty funny right? As I know, the name is from a Javanese word of ngenthang- ngenthang which is a term to describe no tree  and hot. It is situated inside the Sangiran prehistoric site. Administratively it is under Gondangrejo subdistrict of Karanganyar regency.  Right now, I live within the same subdistric as the village where I was born, so I am the native of this area. I have been living in the village eversince.  Even though I have to commute to the city since high school, I don’t mind with that. Living in the village is more peaceful than living downtown. However, staying in the city is more profitable for economic reason.

My village is not so big. It has a pretty nice football field which is connected with rice field so in the late afternoon you can see the sunset clearly if the weather is nice. With clear sky you can see two mountains of Merapi and Merbabu in the morning or in the afternoon. The soil couture of my village is quiet plain but in the eastern side it is a bit aslant.

Most young people in my village work out of town. The soil in my village is not very fertile combined with expensive water irrigation make young generation less interested in farming. Only some youth living in the village, the others are older people as well as woman and children. Most of male youths lives in a bigger town lo live or study.


The closest prehistoric museum to my village is Dayu Cluster. This is one of four clusters of Sangiran Prehistoric  museum. It is located around 2 kilometers eastern to my village. The place exhibits the prehistoric soil layers of Sangiran area which was predicted to be 1500 million years old. The area was a prehistoric sea according to the scientist. Sangiran is the area where Megantropus is found. Megantropus is believed to be the missing link in the Charles Darwin Human Evolution theory.

The museum is quiet pictures because of its modern architecture besides the location is in the middle of the village. The museum, has modern audio visual and multimedia device for the visitors to enjoy as well. It also has pretty nice small park and kid’s playground. When we have free time my family and I sometimes go around the area then see the sunsets in the nearby bridge.

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