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An Inspiring afternoon

This afternoon (10 oct 2012) I met my senior Dr. Dewi Candraningrum we met to talk about my new responsibility as a consultant of three students organization. I was surprised when I knew that this responsibility had been given to me. I thought that this responsibility is only for permanent lecturer, unlike me a part time lecturer.
To do that responsibility I must have a decision letter from the rector of University in which I’m teaching two days in a week. I’m still looking for those decision letter without that letter I won’t have any legal basis to do my responsibility and to get my right. I’m going to get that letter soon. I plan to go to the university main office to get clear information.
After talking out some important points that I need to pay attention with it, Bu dewi and I went to a small food stall to have some meal. She hadn’t had lunch, and she also promised me to treat me a chicken noodle. There we talked a lot about my future she had already made her way, and I am still making my way, I need to learn a lot from her. She gave some advices for me. Bu dewi is a very friendly, modest and generous woman. She knows how to maintain relationship with her colleague especially her juniors. She always motivates her junior to be successful in academic aspect like she did. Bu dewi is a phenomenon in English department. She was the fastest and the youngest lecture to attain a doctorate degree. Her master and doctorate studies were founded by Australia and Germany.
She told me that right now I only use 10 of my 1000 energy to do my activity. She said that I need to do more. I have to live with a work and I have to produce a work. I achieved a high GPA when I was still a student, now I have to survive by producing a work. It can be anything translation, research, publicity in journal etc. Those activities are very strategic for CV and future career.
I must have a big dream; She told me that my goal must be a professorship. To reach that dream I must read and write and write. My reading and writing must be structured, read the field which I’m interested in it. When I don’t know something it doesn’t mean that I really don’t know it. I can be because I haven’t read about it.
As a dreamer we have to be 100% sure that our dream will come true. It is an assurance; we have to believe in this. It is only a matter time. During the awaiting time, we must hold our believe on our dream. During this awaiting time we need to be patient, to be determined and consistent with the effort.
I believe I can make it ^-^.

My New Job as Quranic School Teacher

In Indonesia we have what we called as TPA. It is an abbreviation of Taman Pendidikan Al Quran or in English Quranic Sschool. It is unlike a formal school most of TPA teacher are volunteering themselves to teach here. Now, I become one of them. I’ve got a little experience in teaching children in Quranic School. I was also a volunteer of a Quranic school in my home village, but I was not active. I was busy with my student’s organization and my side job as private teacher.

Now, I live in a new place as an independent family with my husband. I need to socialize with the society. People who live here have known that i work as a lecturer. Even though I’m still a part time lecturer in a university but still I’m a lecturer or teacher. People think that a lecturer must have many things to share to the children. Why not??… I still have plenty of time for volunteering.  

Honestly, I do very happy to be a teacher there. It can be a good ‘future’ investment. It is not here, but latter for our other life. I told myself to teach those children like I teach my college students. My husband’s friend said that religious proselytizing (dakwah) in children context is very strategic. I think it’s true those children are in critical period, where value is learned and integrated in their life and character. They need some guidance and motivation.

It feels great to be able to do something good for people. You feel like your life is meaningful, even if it is only a small thing. Become a Quranic school teacher is a big job in my opinion. Most of the students are elementary school students; their age is about 5-12. This age is very important for their character development because in these ages their character is formed. Good examples, wise words, and advice in these ages will be remembered forever.

Their parents take them to Quranic School because they believe that by learning The Holy Quran someone will have guidance for their life. Yes, it is true. Quran is universal; the values, wisdom, and rules that are written there are never old fashioned. Anytime I read it I feel that the wisdom in its verse is always fits with my recent condition. Maybe this is the way of our Creator communicates with us. Yes, it is. This holy book contains messages form Allah to all human beings and yes we have to learn it.

I am also still learning about it. I didn’t get detailed religious education when i was a child so what I know now is just the surface. My holy Quran recitation is perfect. My Arabic writing is not good; even I don’t know yet some basic rules about it. But I’ll share what I have known for those children. I’ll share while I earn.  Learning Holy Quran is life time devotion; there is no word too late to learn it again.